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    1. Asic design guide&nb

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      ICs are made on a wafer. Circuits are built up with successive mask layers. The number of
      masks used to define the interconnect and other layers is different between full-custom
      ICs and programmable ASICs

      Full-Custom ASICs
      All mask layers are customized in a full-custom ASIC.
      It only makes sense to design a full-custom IC if there are no libraries available.
      Full-custom offers the highest performance and lowest part cost (smallest die size) with the
      disadvantages of increased design TIme, complexity, design expense, and highest risk.
      Microprocessors were exclusively full-custom, but designers are increasingly turning to
      semicustom ASIC techniques in this area too.
      Other examples of full-custom ICs or ASICs are requirements for high-voltage (automobile),
      analog/digital (communicaTIons), or sensors and actuators.

      Standard-Cell–Based ASICs

      A cell-based ASIC (CBIC—“sea-bick”)
      • Standard cells
      • Possibly megacells, megafuncTIons, fullcustom
      blocks, system-level macros (SLMs),
      fixed blocks, cores, or FuncTIonal Standard
      Blocks (FSBs)
      • All mask layers are customized—transistors and
      • Custom blocks can be embedded
      • Manufacturing lead time is about eight weeks.


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