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    1. OB2268/ob2268c pdf datasheet

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      上传日期: 2008-08-13

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      OB2268C is a highly integrated current mode PWM
      control IC opTImized for high performance, low
      standby power and cost effecTIve offline flyback
      converter applicaTIons.
      PWM switching frequency at normal operation is
      externally programmable and trimmed to tight range.
      At no load or light load condition, the IC operates in
      extended ‘burst mode’ to minimize switching loss.
      Lower standby power and higher conversion
      efficiency is thus achieved.
      VDD low startup current and low operating current
      contribute to a reliable power on startup design with
      OB2268C. A large value resistor could thus be used
      in the startup circuit to minimize the standby power.
      The internal slope compensation improves system
      large signal stability and reduces the possible subharmonic
      oscillation at high PWM duty cycle output.
      Leading-edge blanking on current sense input
      removes the signal glitch due to snubber circuit diode
      reverse recovery. This greatly helps to reduce the
      external component count and system cost in
      OB2268C offers complete protection coverage with
      automatic self-recovery feature including Cycle-by-
      Cycle current limiting (OCP), over load protection
      (OLP), over temperature protection (OTP), VDD
      over voltage protection (OVP) and under voltage
      lockout (UVLO). The Gate-drive output is clamped
      at 18V to protect the power MOSFET.
      In OB2268C, OCP threshold slope is internally
      optimized to reach constant output power limit over
      universal AC input range.
      Excellent EMI performance is achieved with soft
      switching control at the totem pole gate drive output.


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